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Torture´s ontology

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In order to better conceive the suffering of a tortured person, a new ontology was created from audio testimonies and the participation with the support of psychologists of the tortured people in a workshop. The project was published in the press, broadcast on radio programs and helped society to better understand what a person who has suffered torture feels.                     


The torture´s ontology in basque, spanish and english languages.

Torture´s ontology testimonies

The ontology of torture is based on sound testimonies of citizens who had suffered a violent political experience.      

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Ontologies on medias

Two interviews and a publication about ontologies work in basque medias.  

RADIO EUSKADI GanbaraHumanistic
00:00 / 18:19
EUSKADI IRRATIA MezulariaHumanistic
00:00 / 11:11
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