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Why humanistic

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At humanistic we want the society to improve the human being and his environment.

Therefore, we approach the new requiremets of the society through specific humanistic content created from diferent tools such experience design and other techniques.

We share this humanistic content with society through tangible products or services.

Knowing how to identify humanistic content and choosing the best format to communicate, it’s what sets us apart. Also, the desire to become a more “humanistic” society.

We worked on humanistic content such as sustainability and the environment, feminism, mental health and retirement of athletes, coexistence in post-conflict societies, migration, refugees, hate speech and racism, torture and dialogue carrying out more than twenty projects.

Who we are

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Xuban Intxausti

Creative director and founder

Bachelor degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of the Basque Country and with a theatrical training at the Bizkaiko Antzerki Eskola (BAI), his 15 years career converge with the knowledge and daring to carry out projects related to complex, ambitious and innovative humanistic content always oriented to the improvement of the society.

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Oihane Chorraut

Environmental graphic designer

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country and with a postgraduate degree in typography at the Eina school in Barcelona, in her 15 years of experience she specializes in prepress work, brand consulting and mainly in exhibition graphics.


Edurne Ucero

Cultural management and production

Graduated in History with a specialization in cultural management, she obtained a technical training in ephemeral architecture and a master's degree in exhibition project management. His 15 years of experience are oriented to the coordination, management and production of national and international cultural projects related to exhibition projects, promotion of social economy and cultural and social programs.

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